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Industry 4.0 Expertise

EST has been providing consulting and technical support services using it’s 20 years of experience in data management, transparent production, efficiency, smart machines and big data analysis subjects.

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EST Enerji is a partner of 7th Frame project REEMAIN aiming better carbon foot print as well as optimized resource utilization for more sustainable production in Europe. For our customers we advise to combine energy monitoring results with their production management systems to tune their factory, products and scheduling systems for less resource and energy consumption.


About us

EST has been working on production efficiency, line automation and information system projects for industrial facilities with the help of Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions, for the past 20 years. Our company utilizes the latest technology in order to provide fast, economic and sustainable solutions to the customers while applying transparency in project management, discipline and customer happiness rules carefully. Hence long term and permanent collaborations established with customers and solution partners.

Our Vision

To provide new solutions for sustainable production by generating solutions for efficiency, quality and automation problems of the manufacturing sector. Our ultimate goal is to minimize human precense in factories where production is not very suitable for workers

Products and Services


EST has been offering Manufacturing Execution solutions to industrial facilities by using SAP Platform products of SAP MII, SAP ME and SAP PCo. Owing to the utilization of SAP MII and SAP ME; operators, production machines, ERP and other syber systems will be able to work together in order to increase efficiency and decrease resource-usage during production.


Honeywell Process Solutions is a pioneer in automation control, instrumentation and services for various industries such as oil, paper, power generation, chemicals, mining etc. It is also a leader in providing software solutions and instrumentation that helps manufacturers find value and competitive advantage in digital transformation through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). EST has been MatrikonOPC Distributor (a Honeywell company) since 2012. Currently we extended our partnership with Honeywell as Advanced Solutions Distributor for Turkey.,


SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system helping companies to redefine their business to be successful in a digital transformation phase of the economy. EST collaborate with SAP to offer machine learning solutions for their industrial customers utilizing SAP HANA and SAP Cloud platforms.


EST Enerji is a partner in the new European project, REEMAIN, aiming at resource and energy efficient manufacturing. REEMAIN’s overall purpose is to deliver innovative solutions for efficiency in the use of resources and renewable energy within manufacturing.

Our Clients

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